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Let's start with an easy one. What's your first name? *

Let's make sure your score is reliable and accurate.

If you are currently working, please answer the questions in relation to your current job(s). If not, think of your most recent and significant job.

In order to help you answer this, read the statements in the questions. First, decide whether you agree or disagree with each statement. Then think about how much you want to change this in the next six months.
If the statement just isn’t relevant to you, then just click 'I don't want to change this at all'.

We understand that you may disagree with a statement and not want to change it. That's fine.

Now, make sure you're comfortable. It helps if you don't have anyone looking over your shoulder while you write this.

Be honest - it's the only way to change. Don’t think too long about a question or over complicate it. Always choose the option that seems the most natural to you.

OK {{answer_28471319}}, let's get started. First up, purpose. Your big why; what drives you at a deep level.Remember to first decide whether you agree or disagree with each statement, then score how much you want to change this in the next six months.

I am owning the career choices I'm making and won’t regret these down the line *

I’m doing work that really matters to me *

I'm satisfied with the scale and depth of impact my organisation makes *

I'm satisfied with the scale and depth of impact I make *

I'm being entrepreneurial and am bringing something new into the world *

I’m fully able to express who I am *

I am comfortable with (and even proud) telling others about my work *

First section done {{answer_28471319}}, great work is one step closer! Next up is task type - a psychological deep dive into way your tasks are structured, vital to your experience of work.

The variety of tasks really suits me *

My job’s complexity and difficulty to perform is a good fit *

I get direct and clear feedback about my performance *

I’m clear about how to divide my time among the tasks in my job, even when multi-tasking *

The time pressure I am under at work is a good fit for me

I have the autonomy to plan my work and make decisions about my tasks *

Overall, I find the tasks I do fulfilling *

Now let's focus on your thinking, the work you do alone rather than your work with others.Don’t forget to decide whether you agree or disagree with each statement before thinking about how much you want to change this in the next 6 months.Respond to eac

Finding new information and data from various sources in my job *

Processing information such as coding, categorising, calculating, or verifying information or data *

Developing long-term objectives and specifying the strategies and actions to achieve them *

Developing plans to prioritise, organise, and accomplish your work not that of others *

Analysing data or information — identifying the underlying reasons or facts of information by breaking this down into separate parts *

Scheduling work and activities and being in charge of timing events and projects, as well as the work of others *

Evaluating information and using judgement to determine compliance with laws, regulations, or standards *

Judging the value, importance, or quality of things or people *

Making decisions and solving problems *

Thinking creatively with the opportunity to influence the developing, designing, or creating of new products, ideas, and  relationships *

Updating and using relevant knowledge to keep up-to-date on new information and applying it to your job *

Separate from the thinking you do, now consider People. Consider in the round all the interactions you have, online or offline, in your work.

The work I do with others keeps me engaged throughout the week *

I enjoy the way the job requires me to interact and communicate with others *

My job provides opportunities for advice and assistance from others *

I have the right balance of interactions with people inside and outside of my organisation *

I depend on others and others depend on me to complete their work *

I feel that I can always be myself around my colleagues *

Overall, I am satisfied with the balance of positive to negative interactions I have *

Next up {{answer_28471319}} are your Interests, the subject matter of your job.Don’t forget to decide whether you agree or disagree with each statement before thinking about how much you want to change this in the next six months.

I’m curious and enjoy learning about the subject matter of my work *

I regularly read, discuss or come across things at work that grab my attention *

I show interest in the subject matter outside of work in my own time (including reading or discussing it) *

Now, think about your Team, and the cohesion and collaboration there.

I can talk freely about the difficulties I am having at work and know that others in my team will want to listen *

The people I work with take a friendly, personal interest in me *

My team members and I would feel a sense of loss if one of us was transferred and we could no longer work together *

My talents, strengths and skills complement the rest of my team *

I enjoy spending time with my colleagues outside of work *

Not long to go now {{answer_28471319}}! Let's think about your organisation, and its influence on your feelings and behaviour.

Overall, I am satisfied with the culture of the organisation which I work in *

I am rewarded and recognised fairly for the work I do *

I feel secure in my position *

I feel a strong sense of belonging to my organisation *

The level of prestige of the organisation suits me well *

I feel respected and don’t feel bullied, harassed or discriminated against *

{{answer_28471319}}, now consider life fit. That's how well your work and life fit together.

My salary and benefits fit with my lifestyle and goals outside of work *

I’m physically healthy, happy and not too stressed *

The demands of my work don't interfere with my lifestyle and/or family life *

I have a life outside of work - I spend enough time on the things that I like and are important to me *

I'm satisfied with my work-life balance *

I'm satisfied with the extent to which I define myself through my work *

Think about the Career Capital that you're building, and where your work today will help you get tomorrow.

Overall, I’m gaining the experience, knowledge, skills and networks to advance my career and have the impact I want *

I’m satisfied with the career goals I have and the rate I’m progressing towards them *

That's your Career Fulfilment questions all done. Now, think about your next steps. In order to live life on my own terms and not regret my career choices down the line, in the next six months I'm looking to:

get unstuck first in my situation in work before I can take any action *

understand my potential, my strengths and/or what I really want *

find clarity and direction in my career *

map all my career opportunities and make a confident decision *

articulate my value to future employers and access the hidden job market *

In order to live life on my own terms and not regret my career choices down the line, in the next six months I want to explore opportunities

in the same role and industry *

in a different role and/or industry *

freelancing *

a side project/job around my existing one *

bringing something new into the world; I’ve got the entrepreneurial itch *

You’re done! Martin, the Head of Career Strategy, will look at your score to give you personal guidance. It will land in your inbox in the next working day.

One more question - how did you find out about us? *

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